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The Petal suite at our Wedding Venue for Hire in Dartford and Kent


The Petal Suite

400 Guests

The Petal suite can comfortably accommodate up to 400 guests banqueting in one room. Ideal for large weddings, your guests will love the beauty and splendour of the room. Should you need the room decorated or arranged a certain way, our events team are here to get the suite exactly how you want it.

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The Stem Suite at our Wedding Venue for Hire in Dartford and Kent


The Stem Suite

150 Guests

The Stem suite is the perfect choice for events and weddings that are a bit smaller and more intimate. With seating capacity for up to 150 guests, the suite can be customised exactly how you want it.

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The Pistil Suite at our Wedding Venue for Hire in Dartford and Kent


The Pistil Suite

The Bridal Suite

The Stem suite is a special room built for the bride. A wedding is the bride’s special day and the Stem suite is a comfortable and private place for the bride to relax, prepare and compose herself. The room has all of the facilities that the bride needs to ensure her day goes perfectly.

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Event management services at our Wedding Venue in Dartford and Kent

Event Management Services

Planning any event or wedding, especially a big one can be stressful and time-consuming. There are a vast range of responsibilities to oversee including the decoration, the catering and the logistics. If you don’t relish the idea of coordinating everything, then you can leave everything to our expert management team. Every member of our event management team has accumulated years of experience organising a number of beautiful weddings. So long as we have a clear understanding of your needs, our team will be able to source the finest food and assemble the most stunning of decorations, all to your personal taste. 

If you would like to book our event team for your event or wedding at our venue in Dartford, please contact us at or 020 3995 5875.

Wedding Venuein Dartford and Kent

African and Asian Weddings

Our venue is the perfect location for all types of celebrations, but our size and our facilities mean that we are ideal for African and Asian weddings. We understand that there are many different rituals and procedures that may be specific to your type of wedding and we have extensive experience of organising Nigerian, Sikh and Hindu weddings in our Rose Banqueting Suites. Whatever you need for your wedding, we will go the extra mile to get your wedding just right.

Our state-of-the art kitchen, abundant parking and excellent location will ensure that all 400 guests at your wedding will have the time of their life. Our expert management team have coordinated a number of amazing weddings over the years and they will be on standby should you need them at any point before and during your special day.